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We are very concerned about environmental issues and actively participate in some environmental protection activities. Alxa Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in China, kisskissfish joined a local sand project.During the event, we provided more than 120 volunteers with environmentally friendly water cups for free. After the three-day event, compared with previous years, more than 2,000 reduced use of disposable water bottles.



The vision of Kisskissfish is to become a design brand with happiness and appeal. In the current and original and difficult environment of China, this road of persistence seems to create an oasis in the vast desert . It seems impossible, but it is accumulating bit by bit. Growing up.

The initiative of an environmentally friendly water cup is the beginning. The original design product categories of kisskissfish are increasing. They are like small green plants in the desert, inspiring people to live a kind and beautiful life and feel the small fortunes in life.

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