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Smooth water flow, effective filtering of lumps, proper dust prevention, 360° smooth water flow without lifting the lid, large capacity of 1100ml, above daily drinking water, it is also convenient for homemade drinks.


It is very convenient to put it on the dining table, pour water and drink daily, DIY drinks, and entertain guests. It is a beautiful scenery by itself.


Large-caliber design, easy to clean, convenient for you to show your skills when making drinks.


The water cup is a splicing of two-color glass inside and outside, forming a visual sense of suspension, like drinking a glass of water in the air, bringing a novel drinking experience.


The silicone cup cover is easy to grasp and can effectively avoid fingerprints on the glass body when handling.

The mouth of the pot is wide-mouthed, so it will not leak when pouring water, and the pot cover with concave-convex pattern inside is convenient to control the water outlet speed.

Cover the pot and lid are food-grade silicone, health and safety and were treated antistatic effect is not easy to absorb dust hair, effective against dust and dirt.


Without opening the lid, the water can be discharged in a 360° circle, and the water discharge speed can be freely controlled.



The packaging is made of degradable pulp material, and about 65% of the raw materials are derived from bagasse. The stackable feature also effectively reduces transportation energy consumption and achieves environmental protection.

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