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There are a lot of teapots at home, and I will still be attracted to the minimalist design such as the floating flower teapot, which is especially suitable for the mood of this summer.
The round lid is like Chaplin's bowler hat, which is a kind of humorous and open-mindedness. Simple shape, not simple design.

​The whole appliance is made of clear high borosilicate glass. The advantage of this kind of glass is resistant to high temperatures. It can be heated or refrigerated. It is no problem to make hot tea and cold drinks.

Both the spout and the cup use a uniform silicone sleeve, which is non-slip and heat-insulated, easy to clean~

There are many colors. The main colors are blue and brown, and orange happens to be the highlight of a warm color. No matter where it is placed, it is a very beautiful display.

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